Tobacco Products Directive and Compliance


Dear Customer

Boss Vapes Ltd - The Tobacco Product Directive


Thank you for buying our e liquids, products and accessories.  We hope you have enjoyed the Boss Vapes flavor experience as our objective is to fully satisfy your vaping needs by providing excellent quality electronic cigarettes, e liquids and accessories. 

The vaping market in the UK is a new market showing strong growth with many manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers.


Boss Vapes accept that e cigarettes at this time cannot be regarded as totally safe however we believe e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking tobacco products.  The Governments main public health body, ‘Public Health England’ recently issued a major scientific report supporting the view that e cigarettes offer a public health benefit for smokers and an effective route out of smoking for the country’s eight million tobacco users.   Of course we need to ensure there is appropriate regulation in place and that e cigarettes do not present a route into smoking for children and non –smokers.


You may have heard about the Tobacco Product Directive approved by the European Council and European Parliament.  This directive describes a range of regulations relating to e cigarettes, specifically addressing ingredients, the levels of nicotine, volume of liquid, vapour emissions, product specification, packaging, labelling and marketing.   These regulations are being transposed into law by the UK Government for implementation from 20th May 2016.


Boss Vapes fully supports the need for a regulatory framework for e-cigarettes that ensures consumer safety and product quality.  We are working in advance of the due date to ensure full compliance with these regulations and standards.

All our e liquids are manufactured in the UK using high quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients combined with a dedication to good manufacturing practice and quality assurance in ISO Class 7 certified cleanrooms.


Ensuring consumer safety and product quality are the key priorities for Boss Vapes and we are confident in the vigorous procedures in place to deliver on this commitment.


In conclusion, e cigarettes are a new developing industry.  Boss Vapes are looking to become a leading participant and will continue to act responsibly in the marketing and sale of e-cigarettes, e liquids and related products. We will continue to maintain the highest standards of manufacture in our products with our first priority the health and well being of our consumers.  We appreciate the support of our consumers, customers and trading partners and will keep you informed of our progress.


Yours sincerely

Mohlib Hussain


Boss Vapes Limited