Flavor Switch is a revolutionary release from the guys at Canada based iBliss and while so many other brands have been purely focused on their eliquid flavour production, this product solves one of the biggest problems you face as a vaper.

Think about when you have just finished a tank of eJuice and think that you would like to change the flavour up a little, however with the original flavour so strong, you know that you are going to have to experience a mixture of flavours for at least half of a tank or few applications on a dripper.

Well worry no more, Flavor Switch is a tank and coil cleanser, designed to eliminate the previous flavours found in your tank or RDA, giving you a nullified flavour base to apply your next juice.

Simply allow your coils to dry through firing, apply a couple of drops of the clear Flavor Switch liquid to the coil area and draw the vapour as you would any eLiquid. 

Like magic, the previous flavour notes are now eliminated and the vapour clouds taste and smell of nothing.